Tradesman Insurance: Three Fundamental Tips for Comprehensive Coverage

There are numerous risks associated with the trades industry, ranging from workplace injuries to property damage. Therefore, if you are the owner of a small business in this field, you should acquire comprehensive insurance. The right coverage will minimise your potential losses in case of an unexpected unfortunate incident during your work. In addition, your clients will have more trust in you if you have suitable insurance. Unfortunately, trade insurance can be a little confusing for those unfamiliar with the industry.

Fidelity Insurance: 3 Reasons Why Business Owners Must Report Claims as Soon as Possible

Employee theft can ruin a business, especially if a company has limited cash flow. As such, to protect their assets against this type of dishonesty, some Australian companies take out fidelity insurance. Fidelity insurance can protect your company against the risk of employee theft, but you must report claims as soon as you realise that somebody has stolen from you. Find out why. 1. Help the insurer build a case against a third-party